Orchestra certificate

Learn new competencies in our versatile training courses. What makes our courses so effective, you ask? 20 years of experience executing all kinds of IT-projects. Teaching a defined set of skills that prepares you for the work with Orchestra in the best possible way. Perks according to your grade of certification.

Take the first step into a successful future working with Orchestra with the help of our training courses and certificates!


Orchestra Basic Training:

• Certified Basic
• Certified Advanced
• Certified Expert

With this, you’ve gained a basic knowledge of how to use Orchestra. You’ve taken the same path our consultants do during their basic training.


Continuative Training:

You want to get to know Orchestra even better?

• Orchestra Certified Developer (Orchestra training for developers)
• Orchestra Certified Administrator (Orchestra infrastructure training)
• Orchestra Certified Sales Agent (Orchestra sales training)
• Orchestra Certified Operator (Orchestra monitoring training)
• Orchestra Certified Data Engineer (Orchestra and Juno training)