Orchestra trainings for developers

Learn how to connect your own applications and enhance your in-house competences!


xtApp offers you the possibility to integrate self-made web applications into Orchestra. The advantage: simple, uncomplicated interconnectedness between Orchestra and your web application.

Orchestra channel developer

We show you how to develop and operate channels by yourself.

Java sources & customer API

Let’s not praise Java too much, but, just between us: Java can do almost everything.

Orchestra Analysis

This class on Orchestra Analysis familiarizes you with the expanded analysis options by and for Orchestra.

Messages & Message Lists

Orchestra works message-based. That means: Orchestra is the postman that passes messages between different systems to ensure…

Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture provides a fundamental foundation for the structure of prevalent business processes within a business that optimizes the alignment of IT to the company’s needs.

Individual Orchestra trainings & Workshops

Individual trainings

We don’t only orchestrate your IT systems – but also your training. Our distinct classes will teach you Orchestra according to your very own needs. You are individual – so your training has to be individual, too. Get in touch with Orchestra your very own way…


Our workshops offer more than just one-sided knowledge transfer. Implement your projects and interfaces together with our experts. Within a thematically defined framework, we specifically address your requirements.